The smell of sickness? Poll

Do you get a certain strange smell in your nose every time you are ill (from cold/flu)?

  • Yes
  • No

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There is a certain smell I get every time I catch cold. Because of that I have always associated this smell with being sick, and assumed the virus somehow causes it. But now I wonder if it has been my schizophrenia producing this smell as a positive symptom (a ‘fake smell’, a hallucination) since from childhood.

This smell is impossible to describe, other than being “the smell of sickness”.

Am I the only person who gets a certain smell in my nose every time I catch a virus?

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No, you aren’t the only one. I get a weird smell and taste.


Not me. Normally I either can’t smell or taste much or everything winds up tasting like whatever medication I have to take for it. Bleh.

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I know if I have a bad cold or respiratory infection my boogers stink. Sorry to be gross :face_vomiting: but…

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It smells like English breakfast ever so slightly.

Not kidding.

I don’t get that smell, but I have had smell hallucinations when going into psychosis.

I’ve always had this since I can remember. Not sure if I would describe it as a smell or as a sensation alike smell in my nose. It’s hard to explain, but I definitely have it

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When I had covid I smelled bleach and there was no bleach near me.

yea i also have smelling weird smells that aren’t there when i go into psychosis. Even now when i’m doing better there is periods where i smell that smell again and nobody else smells it.

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I have rhinitis and I get this too.

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