The Skeleton War is Upon Us

The next 30 days will be filled with the skeletons fighting the fuckboys.

What’s a fuckboy?

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In the context of the skeleton war, all humans are fuckbois.
Out of context of the skeleton war, basically just … idk.
urban dictionary says… actually urban dictionary is too graphic.
I don’t want to bring all the dirty language here lmao

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Alright… So it’s like a zombie apocalypse


lmao. its just an internet meme thing but its so much fun.

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nthought you was going psychotic lol i was like i never heard a paranoia involving skeletons before sounds cool

i’d love to join but i am too fat lol are there any other options?

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sounds like you can be a fukboi

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i don’t want to be one of those lol, i suppose i could be a big boned skeleton person lol

skeletons are kool bc they have no brain lol

All the fleshed people are fukbois

My skeleton is MINE, and mine alone. Unless I need a bone marrow transplant in the near future, it will ALWAYS be mine.
I registered for the draft in 1980 when I was 18 years old.


(It says must be 15 characters.)

Let your skeleton emerge from your body! Join the resistance!

Well, it’s tempting… But no.

If you are neither can you just sit on the sidelines?


here i found 2 neon ones for your army,

30 days of skeleton war. 30 days of halloween. October is the best month of them all.