The shooter good and bad

Is it good or bad if the shooter is found out to be mentally ill? The bad: stigma. The good: more mental health funding and better policies. Personally I could care less about stigma. I wouldn’t mind if we get something good out of this regarding mental health policy.


I don’t feel as stigmatized anymore for mental illness. But when I did I suffered greatly from it. I hope no more stigma comes about from it.

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The shooter didn’t have Schizophrenia.
He was a Psychopath - no remorse.


That’s speculating, but I think so too.

I don’t think theres much good that can come out of such a situation, but it’s our obligation as humans to find the greatest good in every step we take


I don’t think there will be effective treatment for psychopathy anytime soon. But imagine if there were, we could significantly reduce prison populations and the human suffing psychopaths inflict.

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Confused how much more the USA can take before better gun laws are in place. Zero mass shootings since strict gun laws have been in place since our last mass shooting 28–29 April 1996 in OZ.

As others have pointed out, once we decided elementary school shootings didn’t warrant action, we pretty much decided nothing was going to be bad enough to take action.

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