The "Ship" and the "Sea"

I think…

Mood swing is like a ship on the surface of the sea. We can control the ship (i.e. mood), but what we know so far about the sea is very limited. :speedboat:


Sailing, sailing, on the Luna sea…

:unamused: I am not a sailor I guess.

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Well said. I’m still learning how to keep my boat steady, as well, when the sea of moods gets rough.

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Nobody had crazier moods than me. For more than 27 years, my moods were extreme rollercoaster. But, at the age of 44, that all stopped. My incestuous and abusive father apologized to me, I fell out of love with my ex husband, and I quit going to this one club where everyone was shunning me. And overnight, my severe suicidal depression vanished forever, never to return. I am now 57 years old and I have been happy and content ever since 2004. Even the short period of depression that followed my son’s suicide, when I was 51, in 2011, didn’t last long.

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mood swings are like the waves. big waves, small waves, no waves and peace…

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Do you still consider yourself mentally ill, or would you consider yourself “Environmentally ill?”