The 'Share your fathers day gifts' thread

Next sunday is Fathers day in the US and some other countries as well, I think. I figured maybe we could share what we are giving for fathers day if you’re giving, or if this thread lasts that long, what we got for fathers day , if it applies.

My dad doesn’t like much when you give him gifts. Over half the time, they end up disappearing from the house. Either given away or thrown away, I think.

But he does like pranks to some degree, so thats what I concentrated on this year.

I got him this cricket sounding noise maker you hide in someones house.

These fake parking tickets to place on peoples windshields.

These real looking fake lottery scratch offs to make someone think they have won a million dollars or another large cash prize.

These shocking pens :

And finally, this item that is less a practical joke, but just a gag gift. The ‘just in case’


Whether he will like any of this, I cant be sure, but I THINK I did alright and he will use some.

What about you?


I think on Tuesday I’ll order a cheese & sausage gift basket for my stepdad off of Amazon. I plan on spending about $35 and I’ll send him a card.


I got him a gift he appreciates. Won’t get into specifics as per forum rules. I might get him a book as well.

Actually he only reads from his kindle so might get him an Amazon gift card

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My dad wants a PS5 game we can both play so I have to look for one on Amazon. I hope I can find one because I have no idea what else to get him. I’m buying a card for him tomorrow.

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I just got my dad this card that folds up into a 3D trophy that he can put on his desk…then i wrote him a long letter talking about how much i love him and respect his wisdom. I know my dad, he’ll treasure the letter more than the “treasure”!


Thats a great gift. Its something my mom might appreciate, but I think my dad would probably think is too sentimental for him.

I’m not sure yet. I thought about a gift card to a restaurant but he lives in the middle of nowhere so he’d have to drive a bit to go out to eat.

Or maybe something for his grill?

I’m not sure.

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my dad is my best buddy

love throughout the years is my present to him

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I am the dad and I have bought myself a few gifts in advance. This one arrived yesterday:

Some are in the Temu thread. I really love outdoor cooking and dining.


I got my old man a bag of Wonderful pistachios (he loves those), and a Menards gift card