The shame of it all

Yesterday my 3 year old gt granddaughter commented on my teeth. I felt so ashamed.From as far back as I can remember I’ve had a cognitive block re brushing my teeth . It’s something that just doesn’t automatically come to mind. Same with oral meds. A dosette helps somewhat with that one.

It’s a specific rather than global cognitive impairment I would say ; that’s been there even when at the peak of my cognitive abilities .

Plans were afoot to get dentures. My stepdaughter was on top of things, but then Covid struck.

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I rarely brush my teeth


What Is The True Value Of Shame Regardless WIth The Dance Of Iguana’s?.

I don’t brush my teeth as much as I should but I go to the dentist every few months and get a cleaning every six months.

^ I haven’t been since Covid. My stepdaughter had been making 3 monthly appointments for me.

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i brush my teeth every day… it’s part of my routine… maybe you could make a routine too and put brushing your teeth in it.