The Shadow King wll see you now

The steps are watching you,
counting the lights on your christmas tree.

The shadow king comes alive,
and takes his place by the starry edge;
seeing, hearing, disbelieving,
a wide and fortuitous blaze shines on a coffin.

The tunnel’s ready for you now,
enter the sphere with the antlers on top;
the sand isn’t quite the same,
this time it’s singing:
“your name is camel,
now hold the tunnel”;

The twilight places a guardian at your door every night.
The long-haired waterfall speaks to you.
Cities with bridges catch you in their web,
bring the universe to you in a sunset.
The roaring freight locked up in the cabinet of the night,
we take a mental cruise; my dog’s here.
Eggs in a basket kissed by a ghost,
spider footprints left behind on the wind over your bed,
colorful lights from windows reaching out toward eachother;
the carpenter’s tools are just symbols,
there’s no work going on here.
The angle of the box is a secret,
but the contents are bathed in light.
Rock the doorknob - now wait and see what happens,
dip into the oncoming stream;

Smile in the substation,
the ultimate thought arrives…
the glory candle’s lit
and it sparkles in your eyes.
The go-no-further’s picked,
you’re eating the surprise,
a camel’s face is licked,
we’ve severed further ties.

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I don’t want to see the shadow king though.

Why severe the ties?

that kind of connection
severs your ties to humanity.

long-haired waterfall