The shadow entity

I generally do not hear voices, but I do see entities (for a long time thought they were all spirits…some are but not all). Several of these identities are true friends. They give me advice, calm me down, cheer me up, encourage me, and help me work through tough decisions. I usually communicate with them through what I would describe as “telepathy” (I’m sure there is a more accurate word for it but I cannot think of one), though one in particular communicates with me better by forming letters, words, and shapes on floors, walls, ceilings, or any other surface. My relationship with these positive entities is akin to any regular friend or family member relationship. Mutual love and respect kind of stuff.

One entity, however, is more malicious and unpleasant. Because it is usually a shapeless dark cloud that lurks under furniture, behind me, or in corners, I call it the shadow entity. The shadow entity can be friendly seeming, but this is usually a ploy to get me to do something or to set me up for a nasty joke (particularly when I don’t do what it says). The jokes can be pretty horrific or generally paranoia-inducing. One of its favorite tricks to play is making me believe I’ve cut off a part of my body. These tricks can be pretty traumatic, even after I realize it was all a trick.

Here’s an example of what might happen:
The shadow will say “oh my god! What have you done to yourself?! You’ve ripped off your ear!” I feel no pain and reach up to feel my ear, but it’s not there. I’m suddenly covered in blood, and my tattered ear lies in my lap. I become hysterical. How could this have happened? What have I done? I don’t even remember anything about it! The shadow usually lets this go on for a few minutes before he starts to laugh. “You should have seen your face! That was a good one!”

After one of these “tricks” it can take quite some time to calm down and recover. I worry about the power that the shadow has over me. It knows what I’m thinking, and interacts accordingly. I’ve been trying to completely halt all contact, but he’s definitely around. When he’s in the room, I can feel him instantly. He lurks around me, under and behind, and makes growling noises. He knows I’m ignoring him (I have to remove all contact in order to prevent the tricks) and has adapted. The other day he took the form of my fairy, very convincingly. I really thought it was my fairy until she exploded into a shadow and retreated under the couch.

Now, I have to approach even my friend entities with great caution. I can tell when he’s around, and if he is then I must limit my communication with my friends. He could take the form of anything and I just can’t risk letting him in. This is really straining my relationship with the other entities. They know why, but it’s like avoiding a family member because of who might be hanging around with them. Their feelings are hurt, and I’m crushed that I’ve had to suddenly put these relationships on hold. It’s not fair to them, but I don’t know what else to do.

Anyone have advice on selectively blocking things out?

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i get the good and the bad types , you just have to work out which is which, in my case the bad ones can take on the form of the good ones
once i work it out i send them away by putting them in spheres of white light and sending them to the other side of the universes or i have this out of body experience where i cut them up with a samurai sword.
take care

can you try being mad to him or them like a men thats is tired of being pushed around tell him the truth he is not real maybe that well make him go away or why not trying to laugh with im in a sarcastic way like : yeah good one your a real comedian… your crack whore mother must be proud lol something like that good luck and my prayers are with you :smile:

Thanks for the replies. This is actually an idea I had not thought of: Confronting him and telling he’s not welcome here anymore. I certainly worry about backlash though. He knows how to get in my head. Maybe he’ll go away or maybe he’ll exert his power. None of the other entities talk to him either. Maybe he just seeks attention in extreme ways. Perhaps he just wants to be included.

you could talk to him like he is a cute baby treat him like he is your servant or just talk to him in a casual way like: yeah i tried that new kind of chips meh its a rip off capitalism surely suck but enough talking about me what is it like where you come from…communism? lol . have confidence in yourself.thats what i did the Illuminati were sucking my blood and i loved them for it they did not know how to act lol…good luck my friend

I don’t know what to tell you, only a few are protected from them.

Well, you certainly don’t want to shut them all off because most are helpful and enjoyable…same with me.
Since you know what the tricky shadow looks like, any time he tells you something, even if it seems real, just know it is a trick.
I had a tricky one before…a voice, sometimes accompanied by visions.
One trick was to make a knock on the door and when I asked who it was (I don’t just open my door), they would say the cops. I’d open the door and no one was there. Happened a few times, but then they started making shuffling sounds outside before the knock…more realistic, as I had figured out I would hear someone walk up to the house, and dogs would bark. Opened door,and nothing… then it was night and same thing happening with the shuffling sounds but after a couple times I noticed no flashlights…I live in the woods and if my porch light is off it’s very dark.
Cops wouldn’t come without lights…
Then the trickster started making colored lights at the end of the driveway about 200’ away…I opened the door again…Duh.
As the game went on I noticed it was consistent that the dogs wouldn’t bark. Dogs would go crazy if someone really came.although its possible they wouldn’t if sleeping…but rare… so eventually after several hours of this game I refused to open the door and told the voice “whatever”
The trick stopped.

Could be evil spirit or mind control…either one could trick like that…lesson is to out trick it. Figure out the game. Don’t freak out over things…
But a word of caution…after you beat the first level of tricks they might start a whole new line of tricks. these too you will have to figure out. I had to go through at least 3 different levels of tricks before i realized it was all tricks. Entity then stopped…


@light_hacker I never experienced what you are describing here, but I can feel you. I guess my schizophrenia is benign compared to this, I don’t hear stuff, I don’t see stuff, I only get frightened at night sometimes in unknowned places when getting asleep alone in my room, espectially in unknownplaces, I would get scared to death if suddenly something popped right there or started talking to me. Yet I definitely need to get medication or I kind of start collapsing within myself, and it’s an horrible feeling.

You don’t have to agree with me, but my take on these spiritual manifestations are that they are, all, demonic in nature. Even the ones that try to appear friendly to you. I mean they like to “play” with you and trick you. A positive genuine spirit of light, angel, servant of God, messenger, what ever you want to call them would never do that. And you might find soon enough that your so-called friends start tricking you too.

I am a Christian and as @pansdisease said I am “protected from that”, praise be given to God. If you want to get rid of them I think you should try invocating the name of Jesus Christ over them, casting them away with His name, faith and authority.

You could say “In the name of Jesus Christ, leave this place and never come back”.

I understand it is difficult for you to distinguish between the “good” and the “bad” ones. But as long as you didn’t cast them all away I think there is a chance for them to come back, or to “let them back again”. If it’s the case you know which side they’re on.

You don’t have to believe me but I am looking forward to hear from you :wink: