The sex thread


are you getting any sex lately? straight, gay whatever, just wondering…

its been a few years for me :frowning: still hoping


Just a reminder we have kids as young as 14 on here. Keep it PG people. But yes, it’s important to discuss these things.


I had sex with my husband last week for the first time in 22 months.


im handsome but cant get a girlfriend, maybe me being handsome, is a delusion, I want money first the money will bring better confidence in this department, BTW its valintines day tmrow


Mr. Star and I haven’t been bothering lately. We’re both feeling very asexual right now. It’s nice that we are on the same page with it.


I wish my Mr was on the same page. I don’t want anything to do with it, really.


i thought you were supposed to enjoy it :confused:


There’s an app for that, you know.


No because my boyfriend and I went a little crazy and I ended up pretty damaged down there. We are taking a break now so I can heal up. We haven’t done anything in 11 days now. We have our fingers crossed that I will be healed by Valentine’s Day…I’m going to be really sad if we can’t do anything then…if not though my boyfriend’s birthday is in a couple weeks


its cool you have a bf Anna :slight_smile:


I know I thought I was going to be single forever…so to anyone else who thinks they’re going to be single forever…don’t give up hope :wink:


i’m talking to a girl on bumble but she is 4ft 7 :confused: its very small


That is tiny! Still if you end up really liking her you’ll probably find it doesn’t bother you. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Me and my fiancée had snuggle time a few times on our recent Hawai’i trip, but my meds have lowered my libido to a dead stop, it had been months before that. Thankfully she understands.


yeah, that sucks

you are very lucky :slight_smile:


Wait a minute. Isn’t every thread the sex thread?


A few years for me too. I don’t have libido


Oh I know I’m lucky, she accepts me for my disease, try’s to help me in any way she can and understands I can do certain things. she loves me for me. Took me a long time to find a girl like her, but she has me utterly enthralled


Not been having actual sex lately per se - but a woman that also does my cleaning comes round and we use “toys” on each other.

Was her idea. Im just gladly obliging.


looks like I am being left on the shelve, but but I have a plan

plan A

plan B

plan C