The self isolation of hermits and saints

My Sheikh, before he was anointed, spent forty days in seclusion, not talking to anyone, he spent a year without using money. These disciplines, traditionally for hermits and saints, have also proved invaluable to leaders. I have never gone a day without talking to someone, even if only on the phone. I have never gone a day without spending money since I first was given some on a regular basis. The extreme measures mentioned above of forty days and a year, are perhaps too difficult for most, and certainly for me at the moment, but I would like to try a day or so, and perhaps build up to a week or more. The purpose, as always with disciplines, is to become more conscious of reality. On the other hand, learning a craft seems to me to be more of a productive discipline to do. Hermits and saints are rarely crafts people, at least that is what I have observed. My only craft at present is writing. I think that is enough. Thank you.


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