The Secrets Of Music!. (Look Inside)

<<<~!~@~!~True Wisdom~!~@~!~>>>

qp|| Honor, Loyalty, Respect, The Law Of Nature. To Give Back Love, Hope, And Peace. The Honestly Human, Human Being. Those Who Came Before, For Those In The Now, Paving The Way For The Future. There Are No Answers In Violence, And Learning In The Silence. For Peaceful Peace. |||+|||

|||~ BOOP BEEP BOP BLIP BLIP )))> zZZ-------* &


qp|| Always Be Yourself. Never Lie. Of Your Eye’s |+||


|||~ BOOP BEEP BOP BLIP BLIP )))> zZZ-------* &

Your post has triggered my erotomania. I like it though, but it’s dangerous.

@SkinnyMe interesting opinion.

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