The secretary who hated me

There is this woman who was a secretary at the assisted living center where I live. Before everyone arrived at the clubhouse in the morning I was going down into the cafeteria and sitting alone, away from her office. I kind of got the sense that she didn’t want me to do that, but I was thinking that was outside her authority. She had the right to keep me out of the offices, but the cafeteria was public domain. I got to thinking that she had placed my personal information, which she had full access to, on the internet, so people could steal all the money I had. Subsequent interaction told me this was true. She realized I knew this, and she was worried. Her solution was for me to allow internet thieves to steal enough of my money, which would have come from a public grievance case, to appease them. I couldn’t see giving large amounts of public money away to criminals to save her from some stupid move she made. She seemed to think I would, and I just kind of humored her. She got very controlling. She expected me to wait for just the right moment to ask her permission (nonverbally) to come down and join the other people in the cafeteria. Then she wouldn’t give me a prepaid debit card I had ordered in the mail. I think tampering with the mail is a federal crime. I was unable to enter a writing contest I wanted to enter because I couldn’t get that card. She would never have given it to me if a caseworker didn’t make her give it to me. Then I heard she’d pulled some stunt at a different assisted living center affiliated with ours that got her dismissed from that company and she would be never allowed to work there again. I also heard that stunt had something to do with me. It wouldn’t surprise me if she wasn’t part of the conspiracy to put me out on the street because she still has friends in the system. I think she deserves to do hard time in jail.