The Secret Movie (No spoilers!)

Have you guys and gals seen it? I found it eye opening. It’s not religious oriented, but it is happiness and success oriented. Pretty much the power of positivity, manifestation of what you want.

I won’t spoil the secret for you, but it is free to watch online and they do reveal the secret in the beginning, and then go on to help you use it to your advantage. Try it!

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It’s called “The Secret”.


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I think I’ve seen it. I’m afraid to say it’s a bit of new age hooey from what I remember.

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That’s it! Thanks for the a href.

It is kind of corny, we watched it in class. I like the positivity part a lot though. I feel more at ease just being positive about everything.

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The simpsons did a great bit on this. I’m gonna watch it!

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i dont think its a good film for someone that hallucinates or has delusions.

Then what would be a good movie for us? The movie is very appropriate for anyone old enough to understand. I think thoughts are more controllable than I thought they were. We’re not victims of fate. We are masters of our greatest dreams!

I hope you’re right…
I don’t wanna continue living how I’m living.
Right now my motivational levels are low so it’s not easy to attract much.

Tbh I forgot how it works… I need to look into that book when I’m in the mood
Congratulations on the new job that’s exciting!

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Thanks. It’s also a movie, but I am interested in reading the book aswell. Good luck to you!

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Thankyou I need it

Something more grounded in reality than a strange supernatural belief.

I agree with the general principles at least.

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