The Secret Internet

How are you people doing it? Where is the secret gossip mill? I deserve privacy!

Privacy? Interesting concept, not very realistic apparently. Especially considering the fact that an entire book was written about resolving psychosis by a person that had done so and went on to become a doctor of psychology and the premise of his book was the concept of “Duality vs Unity” in an existential crisis. Be sure to stay a private though, a sure way not to move up.

a VPN maybe…,.,.

Considering the fact that computer networking was developed by a marriage between the US military, academia, and public corporations … and even TOR was developed by US Navel Intelligence … it doesn’t take a logical leap to realize, anything having to do with computer technology is not Private.

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Even Neo in the Matrix Movies, wasn’t a private.

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I heard it was a woman who was the first computer programmer way back in the 1840s Ada Lovelace

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what’s the book? sounds interesting.

Uh, I’m using NordVPN to jump around geoblocking so I can view content from other territories. Have no interest in you at all unless you’re in a series on Netflix. Honest.

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21st Century Schizoidman;

Well a quality etymological dictionary of the English language, is a great place to start. Just look up the root terms of psych and osis. Then if that is not enough, you can watch the 2019 movie “the professor and the mad man” then break out your ghetto blaster and listen to Motley Crue’s song “Dr. Feelgood”. Oh you asked for a book recommendation, sorry, Dr. Paris Williams was the author of the book I previously mentioned, it is titled “Re-Thinking Madness”. Always remember, it takes A Village or a Tribe to get things resolved.

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