The Sea World

If I could chose a heaven that would be it.
This is some details from my trip to Denmark and the sunset where I live.

I love to watch creatures under the sea. It is so calming and silent. Even just imagining a deep water brings a little bit of peace.


Ever seen the movie “Ted”

Remember when they go to the Boston Aquarium and theres one fish they make fun of like “OH I’M FROM NEW YORK”…well I visited the Boston Aquarium last year and I saw that exact fish!

My city has an aquarium too, it’s pretty famous.

I do like the sea. I also like to go fishing out on boats and stuff. I’m gonna try and do it more next summer.

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We don’t have anything like that here…:pensive: this is from the Legoland.

I’ve discovered that it is soothing to watch fish in an aquarium.

Beautiful, To me, heaven would be 5 minutes with peace of mind.

I like the sunset picture! That’s beautiful :blush:

If I could afford one of those $800 self cleaning tanks I would have an aquarium. but I can’t so I don’t have one. I wouldn’t buy any other aquarium.

I had one size about 100 liters and it was damn hard to clean even with the filter. Never again.

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