The Russian Experiment

Have you heard about this experiment, they kept 5 test subjects awake by a stimulant gas, I must say that the story is scary.
The experiment reminded me of Cotard delusion and delusions of schizophrenia. Yesterday, I almost got a huge psychotic episode because of it, see for yourself.

You know that’s fake, right?

Haven’t seen it, but I’m guessing its fake also

You’ll also find scary stories about Mickey Mouse, My Little Pony and other assorted fiction there.

I know it might be fake but, it is possible, the delusions are quite delusions of other people who had them, cases of Cotard delusions, the delusions of an imperfect cognition (where they believe that one of their organs in their bodies don’t belong to them), derealization delusion (sudden feeling that everything feels unreal), Wendigo Psychosis (form of cannibalism, whereby the sufferer has a burning desire to eat human flesh), Depersonalization, and many others undefined. All of these delusions are real and they happen. That’s what scared me.

I heard the longest time someone stayed awake was 28 days. Then died in the hospital. However that may just be info that I made up in my head while delusional.

I heard that the longer time was 11 days…I don’t have much of information about that.