The Role of Inner Speech in Executive Functioning Tasks: Schizophrenia With Auditory Verbal Hallucinations and Autistic Spectrum Conditions as Case Studies


As a person with both ASD and a schizophrenia spectrum disorder I find this subject fascinating… Especially as I have EF deficits ,most notably with organising, planning, and carrying out multi-step tasks.

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Using terms such as inner speech (IS) and executive functions (EF) to talking about a phenomenon be called auditory verbal hallucinations is just a way to fabrication the facts involved in the sz scenarios events

In reality,there is no one-side dialogue with oneself (inner speech),but there are a new mutual bilateral dialogue between the human psychological self and other psychological self (s) of non-human entity (s) which be called hallucinations in the public knowledge ,it is a phenomenon that can be called inspiration (badly ) !

It is a new way to exchange the higher mental data between two different kind of the psychological selves throughout a spoken transmitter (voice /sound / phone ),whereas there are 2 transmitter source , 2 receiver and 2 message content and single communication channel

Almost every phenomenon,event or process related to sz is named,defined and categorized away from its actual reality ,we do not know the secret behind the intentional obliteration of the true facts involved the sz condition

The question; how they can understanding the facts of sz while they using fabricated data ?

To the same degree that you look at the defective gene as the source of the health condition be called hereditary disease,the virus is the source of the condition be called viral disease, the things be called hallucinations are the source of the condition be called schizophrenia ,even if the SZ basically is not a category of classical diseases

SZ does not require the availability of an elite group of geniuses researchers to discover the the cause and effect mechanisms ,rather it needs to have credibility when you try to writing your descriptive expressions for the objective reading for any phenomenon,event or process related the sz condition

Most of what was said about the sz now,is just a passing generation culture that does not last long and will end sooner or later ,because the data of theoretical assumptions does not agree with the basic facts of sz’s nature

The scientific observations are an intentional disorder that change the realism of the phenomenon (H) in question !

An observations that seem scientifically ,wherein it appears to the general reader as an objective reading,it is said or written in misleading linguistic styles,but by a way,its content concept has changes the realism of the event itself( which presupposed to discovery of its reality ) !

Real-event scenarios of hallucinations are replaced by very simple data related a theoretical models that new students are taught at the beginning of their study of human phenomena !
The content of the research data (observations,theoretical suggestion, the questions be asked,experiments,the results and its analysis…etc) is much less than the level of the event in question !

Continuous escape from a traumatic confrontation with the realism of the hallucinations,exaggeration adherence to a medical condition (mental illness or organic disease in brain) and used temporarily during writing the scientific reports about sz or during direct discussions with the general public

Willfully and insistently ,the actual data of phenomena,events and essential processes of sz be ignored at all,they do not talk about it explicitly as if it had not been

on the other hand,all research attention is focused on marginal phenomena that are of no benefit of them ,because they are representive observations aimed at occupying time and wasting effort for nothing

They mainly avoid delving into the real facts of sz because the information available to them does not make them at the level that qualifies them to extract the sz’s facts by means of systematic research or / talk about its nature,cause or mechanism of effect OR talk about sz in reasonable / understandable manner

The information be written about hallucinations in the scientific reports is misleading your understanding /rationality far away from its actual reality

I notice that I have two types of inner speach. On is when I actually verbalize my thoughts in my head. The other is when I am quiet and I can just barely perceive ideas moving through my head.