The role of autophagy in schizoprenia?

Recently I started contemplating if autophagy might be particulary good for sz, or maybe it also can be bad?

For those who don’t know autophagy is shortly told a metabolic process where cells in the body eat and/or recycle damadged and dead cells. Possibly some healthy cells are eaten as well.

It is induced by excersise, especially any cardio excersises like running or cycling.

Also certain foods promote autophagy. Some are: All caffeinated beverages, ginger, turmeric, healthy oils like: coconut, olive and fish oil.

I started enjoying caffeine again and I noticed that my thoughts got much more clear. Could it be that it is particulary healthy for people who take antipsychotics to induce autophagy because we take drugs that are targeting and upsetting the equilibrium and health of cells in our brains?

On the other hand I have experienced that cardio excersise and coffeine has tilted me into relapse.

Maybe autophagy is good as long as it is in moderation.

autophagy is cool

it is like the body is given another chance

by recycling damaged cells

and producing new things ,i think :thinking:

fasting also induces autophagy

but i totally agree with you

things like fasting should not be a norm

that would be unhealthy

having said all that

I am NOT SURE about any of this lol

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I may try and do a prolonged fast… It sounds interesting but I know it will be hard but many have done it before me I might eat a few hard candies and I’ll try and do some of my dancing games… Maybe I’ll lose a little weight too… It’s interesting to consider

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I do all my exercise at home.

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