The rising sun -

From my apartment I can always see the sunrise, here is a photo of this morning’s rising sun:

If you can, please, post your rising sun where you are.


I cannot take a pic. There are tall buildings in the way. But I like your pic.

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i wish i could it is beautiful here, but i barely can turn the laptop on…!!
take care

ttsun rise here was great

Im actually about to watch mine come up where i am. Right now as we speaketh!

But alas, i am but a poor man and do not have a camera to show you, woe unto me!

You know, at night here, even though im afraid of some guy coming around the corner and knifing me to death or some crazy ■■■■ like that, you can hear a pack of coyotes out there in the distance sometimes, it’s really awesome to hear them out there. They make such an odd sound.

And then, the sun rises, i can see it perfectly where i stand out there, the light returns for the day and i go to bed, some hours later i wake up and it’s getting dark again.

Where are you pansdisease?

I do not have a camera either, but I use my cell phone to take photos and then I transfer these to my laptop and then to the Internet and to people for their enjoyment. Sometimes one can find real cheap cell phones in the flea markets. I recently got one Samsung phone at 11 euros (15 dollars) and it works very well.

I live in the magical land of gumdrops and candy canes, there is a river of taffy as far as the eyes can see, and everyone is happy here and laughs and plays, tears don’t exist where i come from.

I live in a desertous wasteland full of greedy horny sons a bitches, drugs are a common thing and children are consistenly screwed over here, people torture and maim animals just for the flavor, and some of the most important people on earth have their very lives devoured by the lazy.

It’s a river of slave’s blood and tears, and the excrement produced is mountainous, they over populate at an extreme rate and the piss yellow haze blanketing the city is invisibly killing people.

We bathe in poison, we eat poison, our great looking death machines spew poison right up your nostrils every day.

And let’s not forget about the very lucrative sex slavery that goes on here, it’s just ■■■■■■■ great to know that is actually happening, kids, adults, male and female, sex slaves abound really, especially where the rich and powerful go.

And you can cut the hatred with a knife, the ceaseless and mindless hatred, every day all ■■■■■■■ day, hate hate hate hate hate.

Thats where i live, some call it paradise.