The right environment

what is the right environment for a schizophrenic person? for recovery, strength, healing

whats the best environment?

Well I think structure is extremely important.

I have a very hard time working, because I only qualify for unskilled jobs, like fast food, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.

These jobs have high turnover and poorly trained management most of the time, so the environments tend to be highly unorganized and chaotic, with everyone going by the seat of their pants.

This makes it damn near impossible for me to reality test in such environments, because there is no consistent, solid structure and procedure to use as a testing foundation.

I agree, structure is most important, and also other things that help me is my family, many that I have read things don’t have that support but if you do, it really helps when relapse occurs, also a good counselor and doctor you can trust, and help from any higher power or spiritual beliefs, these also are helpful, hobbies or things to ease the pressure…

I’m not really sure. Structure is part of it and I think even the best structure needs improving.

Something with flexibility would be helpful, because with Sz, everyday is rarely the same.

Two reasons I have been in this adult foster care home for 12 years. A warm hearted provider is one reason. The other reason is the house and yard are similar to the one I grew up in and, similarly,are just outside a small town.

I spend most of the day distracting myself with games and TV/Netflix. It works for me but it’s not very productive. When I feel better I do more productive things. I need to find out how to get more structure to my day but at least I’m slowly getting better and I’m able to live by myself now. I think independence is a great thing for anyone to have, the more the better.

I hate structure, even though it is probably good for me. The assisted living center where I live has about the right amount of structure and freedom for me.