The Rich Uncle's Will

The nephews and nieces of Uncle Joe Midas were very excited because they heard he was worth $1 billion in spite of living in a shotgun shack all his life. Their eyes lit up as the will was read, “I Joe Penniless MIdas being of sound mind and body according to the law was on a lot of medicines and went through a lot of procedures that have class action lawsuits attached to them. I may not actually have died from them but a fancy pants lawyer named Joe Swindler said that at my death I’d be worth $1.1 billion dollars because he’d be able to connect those things to each other. Now you’ll have to pay him 20% of it but here’s how I want the rest distributed.” One of the participants said to another “I told you that bum was better dead than alive.”


Bravo. Very good !

Very nice! 1515

Nobody makes any money (except the lawyers) in class action lawsuits. I know. I’ve been involved with a few. There are too many people involved. Money gets spread around too thin.

I wrote this after seeing a advertisement talking about a ridiculous sum of money for people who die while receiving dialysis. Yeah I’m sure if anyone received that much it was in an exceptional case but I believe class action lawsuits have a lot to do with the high cost of medical care in the US and so I made an equally ridiculous story about it.

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