The reasons you don't have to see a pdoc/nurse practitioner?

  1. You are well. In remission or recovery

  2. You are chronic and reasonably stabilised with no major fluctuations in your condition. Probably cognitive and negative symptoms are more prominent than positive ones.


Number one for me. Well-managed with lite positive symptoms and some negative. Definitely doing better lately with the anti-depressant.

Big fat number 2 for me.

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My depot nurse is my care coordinator so I see her almost every fortnight(She doesn’t work during school holidays). However in terms of seeing her outside of the depot day it hasn’t happened .Been her 10 months.

I very much fit 2. If anyone can think of other reasons please say.

I fit no. 1, I think. But, I see my depot nurse, who is also my care coordinator, every two weeks. I see my pdoc every two months.

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