The reason she left me is she found some else

the reason she left me is she found some else


Don’t they all?


Better than leaving because you’re so bad she’d rather be alone, though.


Lol. Yeah, you have to look at the bright side of someone ripping your heart out and serving it as Pate on a triscut. for the world to see.

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maybe she was outta of my league

Maybe she thought that you were out of her league.

Maybe you had a lucky escape?

Maybe you were out of hers and she recognized it and thought you could do better.

Maybe she wants to be in a polygamous relationship.

maybe I know the truth in my 2 years with her

maybe…my soul mate is out there somewhere

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Just remember that if he’s with her and shed do that to you then chances are he’ll do the same thing right back to her. What goes around comes around.