The reason I got sz

I believe the reason why I got Sz was to be humbled and molded into a different person


I Got this Illness due to profound sleep Deprivation …!!! I am still suffering …!!! I am also struggling with Diagnosis …!!!

I hope you get through your suffering

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Yes jake much needed …!!!

I think - I was who I was before schizophrenia because there was already something wrong with me.
Afterwards - I just became more myself and I think now I have a better awareness - maybe also part of growing up.
I was always very grandiose and a little crazy and hurt people around me. My family was not a help either.

Glad now things are much more at peace. I think I am much humble too - maybe too freakin’ much sometimes - :frowning:

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As far as I’m concerned, schizoaffective disorder is as much me as I am it. It has always been a part of my life, and it always will be; I cannot live with it, but I cannot live without it.

We are very much one and the same, there was no reason, that’s as far as I will allow myself to delve into the subject.


The reason I got sza is because my dad had it and his mother had it. I was under severe stress with a very cruel, abusive husband, a baby to take care of, and severe stress going to nursing school and working a job at the same time. I had a history of childhood physical, sexual, and emotional abuse at the hands of my crazy father, that added to it all. In addition to all of that, when I started nursing school anyway, I was a severe bulimic. I quit that behavior not long after starting school. And, of course, my little family was severely poverty stricken and on ADC and food stamps. So, all of that combined is enough to drive anyone insane.

I believe I have this illness because of drug use, and a rejected vision

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