The real problem

It’s 4:55 AM and I have not slept a wink. I am still up at this hour because I have invested 5 years of my life into “rethinking madness” movement and have spent 2 days so far attending the “shades of awakening summit” and what I have gotten from the experience is this… capitalism transforms every grass roots social movement into a money making scheme. First comes the real ideas of what is wrong with Mental Health Care and how to solve it, and then come in all the mother ■■■■■■■ vultures to make a profit OFF OF THE SICK and NEEDY. There is no way at this point that you can convince me this economic system is either just or virtuous. I believe it reflects the very heart of a very dirty, afraid and very naked ape that will kill anything to survive another day. ■■■■ IT. The invisible hand that that Adam Smith talked about and the
under pinning of free markets is actually a hand that strokes the cock. It is the actual problem that is behind every problem.


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Thats something…

mister-lister, what do you want?
Out of life I mean?

I don’t mind giving money for grass roots social movements, but it seems a lot of it is mismanaged, and even our government, there is a lot of red tape with getting things into action. I support places for example like Madre that help sustain women in underserved countries. I also support the Free Air Fund for giving 2 weeks of camping for inner cities kids in the summer. As far as mental health goes, I don’t think this country is serving us well at all, but many say it’s because funding is being cut so often, but I think there is a greater need too, so go figure on that one.


The free market isn’t free…Economics is total ■■■■■■■■ to keep the masses happy. You ain’t revolting if you want a big screen tv and as long as the market supply’s such sundries the idiots are lining up to do the hard yards!

Seriously. I’d not be investing in such things! For your money invest in safe markets and do what you can…I’m so out of the economic loop and the vultures are circling but I’m content in my life.

Schizophrenia is burden enough…you aren’t expected to solve the worlds problems…but saying that…support the leftists…they at least will support our kind!

A Red Rather than Dead Friend in the struggle,


I’m not ‘a kind’ baby, I’m not into belonging to any political party by association, and in fact I aspire to do more than just live. We have potential, we have purpose, we have desire to improve and gain greater insight into a betterment instead of sticking with the same ol’ same ol’. We know we have it better than most when we can determine our own fates, and not sit there and wait for turmoil mentally or actually to lift. (Sudan)

Your name isn’t Paris Williams is it?

Only until they run out of other people’s money to spend.

Greece … ooops.


Doe ray fossil latte dah

who the ■■■■ is mister_lister?

Someone who had a girlfriend and presumably wants to have a good life and work again. You got lost somewhere along the line but you used to be a strong force on these forums. You’re wandering through this madness thing when what you really need to do is start at the bottom and get a job and get on track again.

If I had been born in the nineteenth century I would probably have been a passionate Marxist. My God, the effrontery of the upper classes back then! However, communism has never worked anywhere it has been tried, and no economic system can funnel useful goods and services into an economy like capitalism. Personally, what I think works best is what we have - a sort of hybrid capitalist/socialist system. Markets need to be regulated for a variety of reasons, and the social safety net makes life better for us all.

That made me laugh. That’s pretty brilliant.

Pretty surprised how many people are anti-capitalists on this site. A lot of social justice warriors and cultural Marxists here.

And then there are people who have battled the odds with SZ to run their own small businesses and work jobs where they employ people, pay taxes, and create wealth that is redistributed to others. We get called all sorts of vile things for this. As a result many of us think the anti-capitalists and Marxists can go suck a you-know-what.


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