The real problem with being a good worker


Your bosses except so much more from you then the avarage slacker.

They miss one week and don’t answer the phones and nobody bat’s an eye.

I get twenty minutes late and everybody loseses they’re ■■■■…

■■■■ that, ■■■■ them



Ah yes, the age-old reward for working hard: more work!



They made a dumb.ass manager now…
Im not mad cause they ask another colegue then they asked me then another colegue but neither wanted the job.

Still I was they’re second choise and I only have 9-10 months there.

I must finish my studies first



That’s kind of the way it was when I was in the army, a long,long time ago. When a squad leader was looking for people to clean the bathrooms, everyone would slip out the door, jump out the window, or claim they had some kind of appointment that precluded them cleaning the bathroom. Then some poor newbie would be the only person who was cleaning the bathroom for that squad. At first the newbie would go to his squad leader and complain that no one was helping him clean the bathroom, but after a while, that newbie would be playing the same tricks everyone else was in his squad, and the next poor newbie was the only guy cleaning the latrine. The ■■■■■ of it was that the guys who jumped out the window got promoted faster than the poor newbie who was cleaning the bathroom, and it had a very detrimental effect on discipline and morale. That was a long time ago, though, and I think things are better in that regard in the army now.

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As a manager, let me just applaud you for having the wisdom to turn down the job. It’s double the work for a few dollars more.



Yeah the workplace can be very unfair. It seems like those who work the hardest are the least appreciated. I think that’s how it is everywhere.

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I noticed as soon as a co-worker gets promoted to a management position, no one treats him the same. He stops getting invited to parties. No one wants to hang out with him after work and stuff like that. All for just a little bit more in his paycheck. Not worth it at my current job. But they haven’t offered to promote me anyways, lol.

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I made a decision. I’m quiting my job tommorow, I can be jobless for a short period of time. And next jobs I will be a slacker, well ill try, it’s harder to be a slacker then to actually do your job good…

Until graduation most of my jobs will be just for the money/ pension/ experience and occupation.

After I graduate I will take my job serious again.
I have no desire for a kid or rates at banks or big financially commitments. I need to be free and if I want to emigrate or switch my job there will be nothing holding me prisoner… That’s a scary feeling of being caged Ina job or a relationship I dislike or it’s not good for me…

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You should take every job seriously. If you have a bad reference, it could hurt your chances of getting a better job in the future. Better to just buckle down and do your job, and keep a lookout for ones you might like more. Everyone hates their first few jobs.



Also, immigration offices look at employment history. If you have a history of quitting jobs and having gaps in employment, you’re less likely to be approved.

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Here for entry level jobs nobody ask for referinces.



Still, a spotty employment record will reflect badly on you if you want to immigrate.



I’m living in EU space. You know what that means? We Europeans give our neighbor countries citizens equal chances. We don’t discriminate emigrants or immigrants. We also don’t lock them in cages, we welcome them and give them jobs if they want to work…

We give people a chance and we judge them on they’re working skills not they’re country ID.



So sorry @LearnToday! Your hard-working skills will take you further than slacking ever will! It’s worth it to be the stand out!! It will pay off. Someday the right person will notice, and you be will rewarded.

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if you go into a new job, maybe dont go in 110% , go in around 5-10% more than the average slacker, that way you have some room, and your managers won`t be expecting your 110% everyday.

thats my thoughts :stuck_out_tongue:

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