The real issue behind banning farting

The authority is old, tired and hurt. Banning farting is a way to get even.

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Um, whut the whut? How the hell is someone gonna ban tooting? It’s a natural biological process.



Sorry for my word choice. it’s not a ban, it’s a frowning disapproval.

I didn’t grow up in a family where we farted and belched openly. Then I dated someone who did. I never could get used to it. :smile:


I hate it when my mum farts idk why. It just disgusts me.

Regarding me, I try my best to fart when no one is around or where no one is around if it’s smelly.

It is the considerate thing to do.


Our family gets a big kick out of other people farting. I have a lot of gas today. Chili for dinner last night. And lunch today. I personally love farts

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I need to move your way lol …I just had red beans and rice

Can we ban people who have to stand two inches from your face when they talk to you?


sir level bans farts from north america :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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Funnily enough, Niagara Chocolates will make you go home if you fart when working with their chocolate. The reason is that chocolate will absorb the smell.


You better send da po po, I just offended and Imma be a repeat offender!

[ toots while eyeing up some prime ankle ]

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Hmmmmm. Fart infused chocolates. Could be a winner. :trophy: :moneybag:

Pot of Gold chocolates are fartastic.

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Social networking = farts


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