The Rabbits Saved me <3

I wasnt doing so good yesterday, i felt a bad psychotic break coming however i got through it. It all started at about 1 pm i started hallucinating small things by the evening my family member had turned into demons with crooked teeth, vision sort of started going warped.

My parents left and I took 4 mg ritrovil to try get sleep but couldnt was too instense. I was wrestling with my blankets trying to get comfortable but it it just wasnt working, things were hectic… next thing, rabbits appeared on my bed and started pulling my bed covers over me. they were very clumsy though and making a huge mess and getting the blankets in an even bigger state of disaster. my mind had shifted from these horrible things after me to these rabbits who were moving in conjunction with me trying to get my blankets sorted out. I really felt a sense of calmness.

It was the greatest thing thats happened to me


It’s good when you can make your hallucinations work for you instead of against you. Sometimes, when I concentrate, I can change my voices from angry yelling to my friend’s voice talking about video games.

What meds are you on? I ask because I’ve never hallucinated rabbits and I bet many people on here would like some of those cute virtual companions :slight_smile: so maybe it’s the meds that caused it. Hmm ritrovil… I’ll look into it.

Think its just a sleeping pill they prescribed me.

im on 15mg abilify.

Its never happened to me before though. they were almost trying to save me. it was the most amazing thing thats ever happened to me

They werent really cute. they had a job to do at the time.

Hm I also take abilify. But no chance. I guess I must admit defeat, I’ll never see rabbits before sleep :disappointed:

"The Rabbits Saved me <3"
maybe a pet rabbit would help. i think @Kazuma has a pet rabbit too.