The purpose: Caregivers, and their loved ones

Without second thought, of course, you would say caregivers keep placing hope that one day their loved ones will recover.
The same goes for us, the persons with schizophrenia, to seek treatment and recover.

A person who takes care of another in the general sense or looks after someone who is severely physically disabled and/or mentally ill and is not able to care for themselves.

This is the definition of “caretaker” or “caregiver”.

If their parents or other family members are unable to take care of the mentally ills, nursing home might become the last resort.

On the other hand, most of us on here know how to take care of ourselves. In the spirit of “there is more happiness in giving than in receiving”, we offer helping hands to each other.

It is wise to seek advice from mental health professionals for both caregivers and persons with schizophrenia.

While we can offer valuable experiences and our recoveries can encourage others, mental health professionals offer expertise and diagnosis.

The above is solely the opinion of the original poster and does not necessarily reflect those of other members.