The Puppet Master(help me please)

a few days ago a new voice appeared. he sounds deep and evil and calls himself the puppet master. HE CONTROLS WHAT I THINK. he puts evil terrible thoughts in my brain and im completly terrified that he is going to start controling what i do.

I just got out of the hospital about a month ago and im on meds so why the ■■■■ is ■■■■ like this still happening. what do i do???

The meds you are on probably are not the right meds for you. I would discuss this with your doctor immediately.

Voices such as this one are very hard to deal with, I’m sorry that you are experiencing something so terrible and consuming!

Sorry this is happening. I recommend letting your doctor know so that an adjustment can be made that will hopefully stop him for you.

thank you for the responses. i called my doctor and she upped my zyprexa from 20mg to 30…but if the medicine isnt helping how will that even help…

You do not have to act on the voices or compulsions caused by them.
Sounds like it could be mind control targeting.
Seriously, talk back to it…(privately of course, not in public!) and put your thoughts in its head. change what it tells you. make jokes out of it. tell it “you do it then if you think it should be done, cuz I’m not going to. You need a physical body because you don’t have one…how does it feel to be trapped? Poor thing! Awwe…so sorry. Who made you that way? Doesn’t it really stink having to invade thoughts like this? And how does it feel when it happens to you?”

Just some of the tactics I used to stop them.

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Don’t be terrified or scared. If you are scared the voices have control.