The “psychotic boyfriend and girlfriend” sayings kind of insult me

If uve been alive uve obviously heard talk about “psychotic” boyfriend or girlfriend. Where its like they are stalking and invasive and the classic “its like theyd kill them.” And im like “thats not psychosis thats just an egomaniac who can’t accept rejection or whatever.” Most of us have a hard time holding a serious relationship anyway so calling a person like that doesn’t exactly fit psychosis. Maybe im wrong but thats how i look at it


You’re not at all wrong, but try not to take it personally. I forget sometimes that most people have no experience with the reality of psychosis. It’s ignorance, not necessarily meanness.
It’s not wrong to clarify when given the chance. Like, there’s a huge difference between psychotic and being a psychopath, but it’s hard for people who are removed from the situation… ignorance.


When someone misused he word psychotic in front of me, I say, “Hey! That’s our word!”


A lot of folks out there are into looking down on others in any way they can… they are just as creative as the silent massive horde that lives for more positive, appreciative, and contributive ends… unfortunately they just make less noise about it.

The ■■■■ talk won’t stop… the best thing you can do is just not contribute… and learn to not value speech that is slanderous. People are petty and a lot of times it seems tragic… but really they’re just assholes… and don’t worry… most everyone who is worth their weight already identifies them as such…

This is something that I’ve really come to realize in the last few years. (It took a while.)

All you need are better friends… toughest thing on earth to find… treat them with care if they ever manifest… and don’t forget the folk who encouraged you and wouldn’t ever want you to suffer an iota.

Take care man… I do like seeing you around mate!

That’s hilarious, @supernova! :heart:

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What I don’t like is when a guy does something horrible to his girlfriend like cheat on her, and then when she gets mad at him she’s labelled a ‘psycho ex-girlfriend’ … ummmm no.

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Thats a great line

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Im gonna start doing that to people. We’re still way behind in the discrimination olympics and we need to catch up

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That’s our word. Use it right or don’t use it at all.

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