The psychiatrists are crazy!

Ok, so I called the public mental hospital of my country, I told them I felt depressed and with loud voices, a very angry woman spoke to me, confronting me, she said “Are you going to call me miss or what?” then she said “I dont understand why the cancer of your dad is causing you trouble”, she was clearly a bully so I put off the phone. But I called again, this time for my angry and suicidal obsessive thoughts and I requested at least some help, the guy told me “and…why do you call us?”, I mean for god sake, its your work to help mental ill people! I dont know why they are so rude and mean, I dont expect many things from them anyway… so sad.

I’m sorry they weren’t helpful. Are you okay right now?

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Yes, Im ok! 15151515


That’s good to hear! Do you have a crisis line in your country that you can call?

Have you ever talked to a psychiatrist? Clearly, the folks answering the phone at a mental hospital are unlikely to be psychiatrists.



Thats true, but the guy who I talked with the phone was a psychiatrist, He must not feel happy with his job, but he choosed it, I dont feel happy with my disease and I didnt choose it. I think the woman was a nurse.


I’m so sorry that happened to you, @Alan96. What country are we talking about?

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Maybe you’re not going through the right channels. I’ve never called a mental hospital ward directly for help.

I witnessed a mental patient complaining that she cant walk or that she was dizzy…i guess from meds and a very respected pdoc told the patient to do push ups. Its just the pdocs friendly way of telling you something you dont know…world is bad, get used to it.

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Its Argentina, south America (pope francis is from Argentina too) But I think it is because they are not paid well, we are facing an economic crisis and public hospitals are affected too

I can’t say my thought out loud because it’s full of cusswords. I can’t stand people who do things like that to someone who is seeking help.

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I didn’t know that.sorry

Of course they all are, without a shadow of a doubt. But they got a diploma on the wall.

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Do you have your own psychiatrist you can talk to?
Calling up a mental hospital directly might not be the way to go.

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That sounds like a hallucination. No sound-minded psychiatrist would make a remark like that.

I told her that I feel depressed about my dads cancer, and she told me that. Yes, it was real.

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Oh, that’s a lack of empathy then. Sorry.

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I live in the USA. I live in a nice part of the USA. Doctors want to come here.

For awhile I was seeing a young male psychiatrist at the clinic. He was clearly foreign, but his English was great. His wife from the same country was an Internist in town, and they had two young kids.

The husband and wife got concerned about their aging parents back in the country they left, and so the family of four moved home.

The psychiatrist got a job in a mental hospital. There were 7,000 patients and four doctors to take care of them. And the rest of the staff could be awful. For example, the psychiatrist reported to me of a manic fellow being brought to the hospital by ambulance and six or seven of the aids brutally beating him and laughing while they were doing it.

They were back in the USA in not too long a time.



That is sickening about beating up that person. I think humans can be evil, especially when they are given power over other people. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


I pass a church frequently. Today, their sign says, “Pray for the Power of Love to overcome the Love of Power.”