The psychiatric facility is the best place to live

I think living on an ocean cruiser or in a hotel is still cheaper. Yes, I would like to have that kind of lifestyle.

I stayed at a good facility a couple of times they had great food and you could watch tv and eat snacks but I got homesick and missed my Mom after awhile

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I beg to differ.

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My experience was mixed in the state hospital. The two times I was commited to a state hospital were against my will. The first time was purely for political reasons. The Second time, 2 decades later was due to an unsucessful suicide attempt. Both times I wanted out. But on the outside it is reallly hard just to survive without any loving support. Most of my family is corrupt and I live in a backward state that does almost everything possible to destroy the working and middle class. No work, therefore no possibility of a long term relationship with a quality woman. Often I think of the people that I met and made friends with in the hospital. They helped me more than the doctors, nurses (especially) or the drugs. One friend introduced me to doing mandellas (essentially Buddhist ‘Coloring’) it helped me center a whole lot. She liked to be called Stella. There were other important people too. The downside especially was the torture. Nurses and orderlies that should be in jail or prison instead of having any position in a psych hospital. A range of radical abuses especially in the second hospital, all sort of threats both upfront and in secret. The experience ended up traumatizing me even more than I already was. Doubling down on an already broken person. Reminds me of somewhere else…


I had people that I thought wanted to fight me both times I was in there. Could hardly even pace the floor. I was nervous over leaving each time as I wasn’t used to the meds also. The second time I tested positive for covid and I was just other people that tested positive.

see the difference between most of yall and me (im clinically diagnosed) is i dont watch tv or enjoy what you call entertainment or snacks i only enjoy taking my meds and being around nurses… for me the mental facility is less crazy than anything outside it… im not physically crazy and got forced into a mental facility where i told them im normal and to let me out… got court ordered to take meds…never met a mental patient on my level…

If I can avoid hospitals then better.

The last hospital experience was awful!

I’m going to request home treatment from the mental health organization I belong to if there’s a next time.

I feel very sorry for your child.

yea i prefer it at home too… it’s ok for a little while but it’s nowhere better than at home i think.

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