The Psychiatric Day Treatment Centers Are Kind Of Depressing

Sometimes I feel like I have officially hit rock bottom when I visit the day treatment activity center. My pdoc wants me there each day of the week but I don’t feel it’s the right place for me. Does anyone here visit the day treatment centers?

I’ve been in a few in the past. I assume that day treatment is different for people depending what state, city, neighborhood, country,etc, your in. And my guess is that each person will experience it differently depending on how sick they are or where they’re at in life. Or how old they are. I was in the middle of a relapse when I attended. And deep into a crack addiction.They didn’t depress me, I probably depressed them. Lol. If I wasn’t sick, I would have enjoyed it. We played volleyball everyday, baked cookies, played board games and Pictionary and charades. And ping-pong. And went on outings to parks and our County fair. We had group therapy where everybody checked in.The lady who ran it told me I had to be clean and sober at least two months in order to attend. I was trying to quit but I kept ‘slipping’ but she was a cool person and told me she wouldn’t tell anyone I had ‘slipped’ and she let me in if I promised to start getting clean. I promised but I couldn’t keep my promise.

Every time I attend a voice keeps telling me “contribute to society, this place is not the real world you know!”

I went to one for a few years when I was in my 20’s. I liked it - became somewhat social. Now it’s like - been there, done that. And they’d have to drag me.

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The day clinic for me is about 2 hours away, so I don’t even bother. I’m in a special classification at the VA, so they visit my house once a week and usually do an “outing” or activity to get me out f the house more often.

Around here, they are ghettos where people who don’t want to be there are bused in. That being said, I have one very with it friend who likes it there. So, tastes vary.


The ones in Seattle back when I was trying it out were all very different. The one in central Seattle was really depressing for some reason. It was in a fancy new hospital but something about it seemed sad, and hence the people them selves seemed depressed. The one in north Seattle was more simple in it’s set up, but much nicer and the people were more into getting out and doing something.

There were times I really looked forward to going. There were times were I didn’t even want to see the place. But they did help me get ready for the mind set of a job. The one in the north end had some vocational training attached and would help with stuff like getting a resume together, how to apply for a job, how to interview. It was really helpful.

Not to be funny, but I kinda wish I lived in an area with late night support groups or treatment centers who met for coffee and donuts like in Fight Club. I find night time to be the best time period to leave my house. Of course where I live, nothing good is going on at night.

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That is actually pretty reasonable. When it’s sunny here my AA meeting starts earlier. I’ve heard of this diner in L.A. who’s hours are 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and they are packed all the time. That night owl shift is possible.

I used to go to a day treatment center called Teenscope. It is here in Utah in SLC.

These places have zero understanding of Schizophrenia. As of yesterday I officially quit. :angry:

The first few times were ok, then it became same old,same old.
I was forced to go a few more times, but ended up more depressed coming out than going in.
Seems to be for the newly Dx’d only.