The psych stuff vs the other stuff

Sometimes it’s just not simply a case of psych symptoms in isolation. The trouble is, due to a non comprehensive/non holistic approach, the other stuff often gets overlooked and everything is attributed to the diagnosed psychiatric illness .

This inevitably means a failure to deliver the best care and support.


This is so relatable. I wish I could share this with the world. Just shove it in everyone’s big fat faces and go “See? I told you, those things are part of my disease!!”

I’m so sick of people thinking I just need to try harder, or that I don’t care. :’(

For me it was my psych notes saying I was awkward,demanding and troublesome , and that my illness was Machiavellian in its complexity.
The bad relations with the psych team ,and the mindless abuse then, puts me off opening up most of the time.
Then when I do in terms of an intelligent response at the depot clinic,where I’m supposed to be able to discuss my issues, it’s like talking to shop floor dummies.

Have taken to emailing a few things to my nurse practitioner via my mental health trust. As yet, no response. The truth is these people often have poor communication skills or just don’t like it when you’ve spotted things they’ve not

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