The proof is in: TV really does rot your brain


There’s probably a formula for this:

A(time watching tv) x B(index: how bad the tv program is) = stupidity factor

I can only say this because I haven’t had Cable tv for over a year now and my life is immeasurably better.

I still watch things on my big-screen tv though. It’s just usually quality programming


I don’t know if I want to read this but the title alone confirms what I have suspected for a while about psychosis. A lot of things effect your brain adversely. Some things are PC some things are not.


I believe it with all of the Judge shows that have been on TV for the last 35 years. They are all painfully boring. No wonder my grandpa is in the early stages of dementia.


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I don’t watch barely any tv.

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Tv is brainwashed trash, but I do like some shows.

I like the chase, and the news

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From the article…

True, at a certain point it does seem that people who watch vast amounts of TV do become so intellectually impaired that they start involuntarily clapping along to theme tunes like imprisoned sea lions performing for fish, but that isn’t anything you could write a medical paper about.

lol, That is kind of how I felt when watching the opening theme from Star Trek: The Next Generation when I was a kid. I didn’t clap but it put me in such a good mood, I loved that show when I was younger. :+1:

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