The Problem With Scientific Knowledge

What is believed by scientists is changing all the time. What is OK today is poisonous tomorrow and conflicting studies happen a lot. I guess one reason for it is that a scientist can be bought by a corporation trying to sell poison, different groups have political agendas (like possibly the WHO report on cancer caused by meat could be part of a vegan movement), and the technology available changes the perception over time. I used to look for drugs to get rid of my voices like many doctors promised they would… Recently at a trip to the Psych Ward I was told that no drug can actually completely get rid of my psychosis and that I had to cope with them. In the past there was talk of an eye and a blood test to detect schizophrenia. It’s been years since those articles were in the news. On the blood test it turned out that the second testing of the method turned out to be inaccurate so it was scrapped. I don’t know what happened with the other. There have been many conflicting arguments about marijuana use and schizophrenia. An interesting argument against that is that no matter what the use of that drug has amounted to the incidence of schizophrenia has remained at 1%. But I don’t question it could possibly trigger an underlying condition. I still read medical articles about schizophrenia but I increasingly find that drugs are still almost exclusively the main part of research many of those drugs are long term versions of the old ones, and it has never been positively discovered exactly what causes it.


Yeah, I don’t consider myself much of a “scientist” anymore. There’s oftentimes too much conflicting evidence, and in the end my instincts & beliefs lead to happier living than hardline scientific viewpoints.

I believe that the decision handed down about meat by the WHO to be ridiculous. Vegan is OK by me but I think that it is a choice that we make ourselves and not dictated by WHO. Cancer is a very complex medical issue unrelated to eating meat. To say meat causes cancer is like saying butter is the cause of all heart disease. We movedvpast that years ago. J/s

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I do not have a problem with Science but the Scientists are not the most saintly humans around. They do carry an enormous ego and/or desires and all discoveries they come up with might actually not be the best solutions around.

I am intrigued at the answer science comes up with that SZ is too hetergeneous to be classified as one disease. They keep saying that SZ is probably a number of different diseases.

The science of psychology, if you could call it a science, is far behind the rest of the field of medicine. They say the early psychological theorists behaved pretty much like cult leaders, and many of their constructs were only the manifestation of the prejudices of the time. Of course, many people advance selfish interests under the guise of science. I’m always wary when someone begins a sentence “studies have shown”. Most of those studies are very artificial and they’re done to support an agenda. There is such a thing as pure science, though. They say the next century is going to be “the century of the brain”, where they will map the trillions of neural pathways in the brain. Exciting and scary stuff.

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And also upload entire brains onto computers.