The Problem With Lawsuits

I’m going to explain to you why the recent lawsuit against Roundup a chemical used on crops to kill weeds and pests is a bad idea. First of it’s impossible to make a safe pesticide or herbicide. Anything that kills bugs or weeds will be dangerous to humans. Second using natural means to kill weeds and bugs will decrease yields enough since it won’t be as effective to make food shortages a serious problem. Third even if you think Roundup should no longer be used it will not stop it’s use. It’s just a price the maker pays to be allowed to continue to use the product. A few people will get rich and a few individuals may get cancer treatment which would be good. But Roundup will increase the price of the product to the farmers who use it. And the farmers will pass the cost on to the consumer raising food prices for all and accomplishing little. A similar story exists with the lawsuits for the side effects of meds which cannot be prevented completely in the drugs made for schizophrenics and others who use them. I used to be a believer in environmental causes but I grew up and learned to accept the bad along with the good.

If your product gives someone cancer, and they die. You killed them.

You don’t get to do that to anyone without taking responsibility.

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the seeds the farmers plant are red

Monsanto has already made it so that even at planting it’s treated.

If there’s not enough food for people to eat they die as well. Who’s held accountable if that happens? And if we hold someone accountable can’t we find a better way than money as the way we do it?

I don’t understand how your defense protects someone from putting an unsafe chemical on produce, and effecting workers paid to handle that plant. They’re paid well to research those chemicals, they’re paid to research how to handle those chemicals, and the people paid to handle those chemicals are only able to do what they know is safe, up to a certain point.

Don’t pretend this is either let people get away with causing cancer, or people starving. Its a false dichotomy.

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Well an alternative to getting rid of weeds with a herbicide is to get a large number of people to go out and pull them. So let’s get out in the heat and pull weeds. I’m not sure what we can do about insects that eat the crops in a non poisonous way that will assure a good harvest. I could stand to lose some weight so maybe those of us in the West could define a meal as being much smaller than before or from a plant that is resistant to bugs. There is science into that as well. There are possibilities. But they require something some people don’t like to do. Hard work, and sacrifice.

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