The Problem With Guilt History

A white professor was doing a presentation with the only black professor at the college she taught at. She lambasted how blacks were treated and announced a Civil Rights museum opening at the college. It was next to the Native American museum. She then drove on the road going down the route away from where the Black Lives Matter protests were going on in the city on her way to the suburbs and the all white gated community she lived in. She picked up her child at the all white school she went to and headed home where she and her engineer husband who worked with all white guys. She then was shocked to see a visitor. He was a native American who told her that the house she was living in was on former tribal territory and asked that as a person who supported native Americans to sign a petition to give the neighborhood back to the tribe. She told him to get lost and then asked the illegal immigrant Hispanic nanny how the baby was doing. She then prepared for the next day when she would present to her class a lecture on the Selma march.

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