The problem with google

Say you have a delusion

Then you google search that delusion

There is so much info on the internet you’re bound to come up with a yahoo answers article validating your delusion

This happened to me so many times

I would google search “Jesus was _________” and some bozo would say something that validated my delusion and it would make my belief stronger…


The Internet is full of opinions and dis information

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THis is a big issue. You can always find information on the internet that “affirms” your delusion. So - when you have a question about whether something is a delusion or not - we recommend you post here in our forums to get other people’s opinions, instead of just searching with a search engine - which will always confirm your biases.

Or - another approach is to look for “evidence against XXX” instead of looking for confirmational information.

For example - search on “Evidence against jesus was ______”

This is likely to be more helpful to you.

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Oh, man. 90% of internet is a fester pit.
Two things I never open there: religious forums and web md’s.

( Also if you search for something - anything really- search for the articles/papers on that specific subject, perhaps with scientific references and sources, not random sites or blogs)


Well that is a very good sign when you start knowing it.

There are certain subjects I know I am allergic to.
Conspiracies in general.
I think there are just so many of them out there (google it) I try not to read/worry about it any more.


My family member says of every delusion: “it’s on the internet”

its like when someone has something wrong with him and he doesnt want to say, you type into the internet thinking you will get answers but you end up with even more questions, it s frightening.


I think the worst google answer I ever got was when I was getting bad static electricity shocks constantly - maybe 10 times an hour, and so bad that you could see the current leap across a foot of space, they would still hurt 20 minutes later.

I googled why that might be happening, hoping it would say I was low on water or some vitamin. Instead, one of the first results said that this kind of thing is often reported in people prone to spontaneous human combustion. So sorry I asked, Google!


I went through a terrible phase of hypochondria … I thought I had everything. Of course, when I google that… it confirmed I was going to die horribly and suddenly.

I don’t google search my medical problems any more… it’s too stressful.

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Sorry, that’s funny as I just came to the same conclusion recently. You can always find something to match your search term nowadays. E.g. "Can humans turn into horses overnight ". Chances are there will be someone who has a Web page or forum post about it.

Gotta be careful and critical nowadays.

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That isn’t fair because on this forum you people censor the opposing views on here all the time. I see people make posts and then they get erased in seconds every day on these forums and people disappearing only to find out they were banned for stating their opinion… I just recently got banned simply for saying I believe in demonic possession and that isn’t an unusual belief. But only the ones who believe in the paranormal really get censored from what I can tell. You can claim aliens or v2k, but once you say demons you get on the ■■■■ list here. Hey, that is understandable because you really don’t have an argument against the paranormal. You just have your holy book, the DSM.

We really don’t want these forums to become places that feed and support people’s delusional thinking. We’re trying to help people here - and if you’re supporting people’s delusional thinking then you definitely are not helping them.

Just like googling for supporting evidence doesn’t help you.

Ultimately all people benefit by having a reasonably accurate view of the world arround them so that they can make accurate decisions.

Well just so you know I found your forum on google. LOL And who decides what is a reasonably accurate view of the world, you? I trust the Catholic pope before you, no offense. He’s performed exorcisms before BTW, and he aint delusional.