The Problem I Face Now Has A Solution

The problem I faced and could never find a solution for because it just wasn’t my time to is that people make misjudging generalizations about my character or intentions. And it was a continuous thing. So I began to believe it for awhile and tried to test it and it would never come up as they said. But I could never put a finger on what was going on until now. People misjudge things and generalizing can be unhealthy if it’s not all encompassing, which is what happened to me. I was considered one thing after the next without my good deeds being accounted for in these accusations. So I’ve had a warped sense of identity for a long time. But now I know better and can call them out on it when it happens. It makes me happy to know my identity is in my hands again. I will be bookmarking this for future reference.


Good for you! Lots of people judge by the cover of the book that they see or often by their own interpretation of what they see. It’s important for you to respectfully stand up for yourself when you’re misjudged. Do not allow others to tear you down. I also teach my kids the other side of the coin is just as important. It’s important to acknowledge when you’ve messed up and say you’re sorry. And that lifts you up too, because then others don’t have a right to hold your mistakes against you, and you can still stand up for yourself knowing that you’ve done the right thing by admitting your mistakes and apologizing.

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Yeah it’s been hard. Speaking of saying you’re sorry reminds me of how hard it used to be. People I’ve apologized to didn’t accept that and I had to live with them for 10 years. And they would do this generalization of me without actually showing my good side and I was young so I didn’t fully understand what was going on so I would get upset.

And it’s like listening to Donald Trump, he says things that are completely inconsiderate and don’t show the whole picture, meanwhile the people he talks about don’t have the means to defend themselves on a scale that he does because they aren’t running for president. So he gets snow balling support.

I can say that their acceptance of your apology isn’t your responsibility, but that doesn’t make it any easier when they are continually mistreating you. You’re doing the right thing, and they’re wrong.
Donald Trump is an excellent example of and a result of the state of America today. What we have created is who we have become.

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