The primary function of psychiatry?

There’s a part of me that says psychiatry is primarily about protecting the sensibilities of society rather than helping the individual. Who cares if you are struggling to function fully as long as you are not disturbing the neighbours?


Amen to that.

Keep society functioning by making the facade look presentable.

Part of me agrees with you @firemonkey, but if this were truly the case every psychiatric patient would be given a typical antipsychotic at higher doses. I think that most psychiatrists are in it to help the patient function comfortably -
I think that many psychiatrists are at least trying to help us and are looking at our welfare, maybe its a little bit of both, I dont know you do make an interesting point for sure

It’s just that mental health services are much slower to act if it’s a problem that just affects you.

I think is the valid point.
Medicated enough to not be anyones problem, but not quite to the point of (insert word of choice here) recovery? Independence? Self sufficiency? Achieving personal goal?
Psychiatry being the blanket term, but for all it’s worth, it’s job security first.

Yes you do make a valid point, I can see this part of psychiatry. A lot of it is all about “controlling” the patient. Society likes things “quiet” - we cannot disrupt the conservative and quiet nature of society - medicating us is part of their solution- it silences us and pacifies us. No voice, no support , just silence

To be fair i’m now getting some support from the rehab team but it’s taken years for that to happen and like everything nowadays it’s time limited and only scratches the surface.
It’s very much to do with ADLs and not that geared to anything else.
Aside from that i dutifully turn up for my jabs every fortnight. Even if felt able to talk easily ,which i don’t due to past treatment, it’s 2-3 minutes between stepping in the depot clinic,being jabbed, and stepping out again. There isn’t the time to fully engage with what you might have to say, if you felt able to open up.
On a lowest common denominator basis i’m functioning but that’s about it. A poster child for the wonders of psychiatric treatment i am not.

Get to see the psychiatrist on the 24th . He will ask the stock questions they ask someone they think has been/might have been psychotic in the past, as though it’s all just about what’s in the ICD and nothing more.
Repeat process some time end of September.

Blame society mostly for tying psychiatry’s hands.
Society don’t like to be challenged. They don’t like free thinkers either.
They like to stifle anything that might shake them up and cause change for them.
Keep the status quo.
But, what if… the pharmaceutical companies could make a pill to cure Sz without terrible side effects?
I’m pretty sure it would have to be in the form of a very expensive yearly pill, because naturally, the body changes in needs every year or so, right?..and not to mention so they could keep making their required profit.


classic us and and them… all a phyciatrist has ever done for me is give me medication whiulst trying desperately to get me out of there so he can see his next patient he is after all very busy thats the impression i get.

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couldnt agree with you more Csummersx

I am seeing a pattern forming with my therapist. She is all about making sure I am ‘in control’ of my symptoms. She makes sure I am not out of control. Its not so much therapy for me anymore, its not about me feeling independent or happy, or having a good quality of life. She does not talk about the opposite sex, friendships, romance, its all about managing and maintaining order

unfortunately the psychiatrists can only use the tools they have and not enough is known about the brain to b sure of much of anything. so all we have r drugs which may or may not work. guess u just have to try them all and hope the side effects aren’t too bad. at some point in the future they’ll find a cure but until then we r the guinea pigs of pharma.

if all phyciatrists do is hand out pills why not let the GPS do it.

Because the pdocs are supposedly experts in their field.

I didn’t read every answer. My psychiatrist tries to help me. I tell him my problems and he makes suggestions. What we don’t often understand is that our therapy often depends on us. If we are 80% honest and open to suggestions, try to take advice and essentially aid in our own recovery, a psychiatrist can be a helpful.
And do you consider a therapist part of psychiatry? Because while I have had therapists who don’t talk much or don’t seem to help, I have also had a couple who were very proactive in their job.
I never got the impression from ANY of my my multiple therapists or psychiatrists that I was being perceived as an object that needs to be neatly drugged and controlled in order for society to run smoother or safer. There are many more so-called ‘normal’ people out there who live to create chaos and trouble than me.

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I am also tired of pdoc’s only being med pushers. How can they not have any desire to help the inner workings of our minds.

I am trying my 3rd pdoc next month and I am going to see if he can help in any other respects or I will try another. my meds are stable I just need some good thinking to help me get out of my slump.

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I have had doctors that knew zero or very little about complicated med combos for severe mental illnesses. My last psychiatrist was like this - she basically knew how to help people with less severe forms of mental illness, like mild depression, anxiety,adhd, womens issues etc… she liked to sweet talk me. My current doctor is different. She specializes in difficult complex forms of brain illnesses like sz and sza - dementia, complex bipolar etc… she was a research scientist at 2 distinguished universities/hospitals. She knows her meds and more complex combos. This is the kind of doctor Im looking for. I dont need hand holding or lots of sugar coated talk - I need the right meds, and a straght forward competent doctor. I get some hand holding and fluffy talk from my therapist


As you probably know, if you hear the word “Thud” in your mind, be it your own voice or not, and you
inform a psychiatrist about it, then you will be automatically classified as a completely insane person.

Play video at and have a laugh about the psychiatric medical society.

In the David Rosenhan 1973 experiment, it was made clear that doctors would not let sane patients out of a mental hospital unless these sane patients said that they were actually crazy. Also, it was noted that pseudo-patients were not recognized as pseudo-patients by any of the hospital staff, however, some of the insane at the mental hospitals were actually qualified to be able to tell that the pseudo-patients were not crazy at all.

Thus the judgment capabilities of the insane, far outweighed the judgment skills of the supposedly sane psychiatrists.

If you want to download the video now, since it is being more and more globally blocked, here is a source.

I see my psychiatrist for medication management. I have already told him my symptoms. He knows I’m schizophrenic. He has diagnosed me. He gives me prescriptions every six weeks. The drugs he prescribes help me to function, help me to think clearly enough to get along in the world. The time in the office is fifteen minutes. That said, there are a lot of mentally ill people. He seems to take on all he can. I’ve had psychiatrists taking care of my medication since 1982 and even earlier. It has reached the point in the U.S. in the treatment of the mentally ill, where patients are mainly seen for medication problems. You aren’t asked to speak about your feelings or your thoughts as you are in psychoanalysis. Most of us get to the point where we would welcome a sympathetic ear. We should look elsewhere. We should make friends we can trust or speak to family and loved ones in a cultured manner. Schizophrenic symptoms are so bizarre other people wonder what we’re saying. It tends to alienate others when we try to get sympathy for the strange way we perceive the world. How can we communicate something we don’t understand ourselves? As far as society goes, I prefer to be alone with my symptoms. I have made many friends in Recovery International. a self help group, although I am probably the only SZ except for one other guy. The method helps me rope in my symptoms when I’m hitting the symptomatic big time. I still prefer to be away from the the people in the Recovery groups with my bizarre thinking. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m already there.

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I’ve had some psychiatrists that just pushed meds on me that didn’t help and after i told them weeks later i was still having problems they ignored me. My current clinical nurse has the theory that they just wanted to keep me stable enough to keep me out of the hospital. I think they both were just worried about the short term “everyone is okay now” not worried about how i’m affected in the long term.

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