The present times don't have as many Idols as there used to be

There’s less and less Idols in the present times. Lots of the people leading us don’t deserve an “Idol” status and then, people who DO deserve it, have not as much of weight in the present world.
A decent leader has not to be a Terminator. He should rather be a teacher who has not been giving up to tell about caring, love and harmony.

I think there are more but they are of lower quality.

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Lower quality, no… the real leaders are more valued than Trump, Putin, Mao and rest of them. I think the leaders I mentioned should just not even enter the arena of the REAL Idols.

Lots of idols these days but they lack substance and character.

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The Idols remain the same in the most parts year after a year, but then some c*nts want to steal the starlights from them.

Social Media and the Internet killed the ‘mystique’ of celebrities, musicians… etc.

We know far too much about these people than we should. The expression ‘less is more’ comes to mind. It used to be that way back in the day.


Also true!
But I liked how mother Teressa, that Palestinian leader and some others didn’t go too far with their radicalism. Who will replace that style they represented back then?

Küüditama meid juba siis ei taha veel hakata vä? (JÄLLE?)

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