The power of positivity

I think it’s vital for recovery to retain a positive outlook. We all have immense obstacles to overcome. Some hear voices, or have delusions, hallucinations, some all of these. I’m sure you understand.

What I’m trying to say is everyone’s recovery is unique to them and their situation in life. Playing guitar today, and hearing my teacher say he loved my song is some of the best medicine I’ve had in my life.

You have to be a steady mix of Positive, Proactive, and Pragmatic to overcome the symptoms of sz/sza. You can call these the three ‘P’s.’

And when I say pragmatic, use anything in what I call your “toolbox.”

Your toolbox can include your spirituality, art, music, studying, friendships, social support, the community, your relationships to other people and your family. Overall it should be filled with good, positive things you can use to fight this illness.

These are just my thoughts on recovery though. I pass them a long in hopes they can help you, as they have helped me.


  • Monte :v:.

4 panic………….good job

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The power of positivity, or the power of dopamine? You guess which one matters.

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I like your editorial, @Montezuma. It’s like something I’d throw out there, maybe out of the blue. Good on ya.


I like your work @Montezuma ! It does pay to be positive.

I’m a positive person but suffer some serious depression. Sometimes I feel that is just around the corner but I survive by trusting the meds and just seeing the good things around me! I can’t change some things but a good attitude will take you a long ways!


"If I should go astray
And say I lost my way
Nobody will know me
But if I don’t believe I can
And still say, ‘Hear my plan,’
Somebody will follow just because it’s free

We’re all hippos a running down river
Sometimes we can’t touch the ground
Like hippos a-sliding in the water
Somehow we’re stomping around"

“Hippo Stomp,” a late '60s song by Steppenwolf. When I was 8yo, it gave me a mood lift.

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Dopamine is not positive thinking, it’s more associated with pleasure. Pleasure cannot be the only source of happiness in your life. If you wanna talk about feelings via neurotransmitters, fine–what about serotonin? What about oxytocin? Those are more important in terms of being happy than a dopamine rush which is fleeting and temporary.

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It’s OK. I was feeling a little mental when I wrote that.

Thanks Monte. Love ya. Very good advice.


Sorry man! Hope I didn’t come across as rude. I’m hearing voices at the moment and it’s kinda annoying lol! I just didn’t want you or anyone to equate pleasure with happiness that’s all, although I often am tempted to live as a hedonist. How’s your day going?

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It just hit midnight where I am. Haven’t got anything to say really.

Oh true I’m from Canada myself it’s about 10am so you must be on the other side of the world haha it’s so weird to think that it’s completely dark somewhere else, but when you picture the earth rotating around the sun I guess it makes sense…

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