The Potential of Geothermal Energy


I remember visiting Iceland and they had geothermal installations. I didn’t read the article but I guess it depends on the part of the world you’re living.


Alternative energy would hopefully be better for the Earth, while creating new industries and commerce, and even weaning us off our unhealthy dependency on oil all together.

Oil is a messed up industry which has caused the economic and social boon and bust of countless countries who possess large quantities of it.

…Not to mention the detrimental ecological impact of emissions and numerous manmade disasters due to it.

We can do better.


I am wearing thermal, my union suit, in just over an hour from now.

I agree, but I would also like to add, “We better do better.” I’m afraid this fossil fuel crisis might make us switch to fracking to get our energy, but it would be catastropically stupid to poison our water supply in the search for energy.


When I was programming, two of my favorite clients were Alan and Victor. They were a gay couple that lived in a beautiful house in a little town called Grafton. They had geothermal heating and cooling. But I’m sure the house was a small fortune, it was absolutely mind blowing

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That would be going fracking backwards :sweat_smile:.


I don’t know. Maybe fracking technology is developing, but it still scares me.

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