The plan A.....need's a bit of luck

I need £15’000 first

then give up beer and smoking

lose the weight

pay off all my bills

go on a holiday with my son and brother


I wish you best of luck on Plan A, but you might wanna get a Plan B going ?

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plan B can also work with a bit of will power and focus, minus the money though

Maybe give up beer and smoking to get the 15000? But yes everyone needs a vacation or as you in the UK call it…a holiday. :slight_smile:

i’m irish living in Ireland …

but if I get the 15’000 first that would change my life and motivate me 100% to reach my other goals and aims 2018

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Cead mile falsche (sp) my best for you.

I think cead mile a falshe means 100’000 different welcomes…

meaning the irish love visiters to Ireland and welcome them 100’000 different welcomes

el viva America…

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Lol. Thank you for the correction. I just love the way it sounds. :slight_smile:

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Sup pedro…??? Whats new…???

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I couldn’t learn irish language in school it was to hard to learn for me

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hey far…any news???

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No, man just chilling watching some nepali News…!!!

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any snow in Nepal this winter?

its spring here

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Yes some part in Nepal mainly hilly areas…!!! We dont have snow in kathmandu where i live …is it raining there pedro…???

it rains a lot here, if I could I would live in a warmer country.

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Come to Nepal it has all the weather summer winter spring… hahaha win a lottoo come to nepal with ur son and brothers…!!!


sounds good…long live the lotto hehehe

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