The Picnic is canceled along with the trip

I can not book a trip for now until end of September, if I get a chance and a small fortune, then I’ll get a last minute deal travel package and leave in a day or two. That is the strategy for now.

We had a picnic planned for this weekend, so it is canceled because it will rain… again :unamused:

Not sure what I will do this weekend. There is not much when it rains… :umbrella:

rain rain go away…

Card games! I love playing Cribbage with the Missus on a rainy day. Hot tea, fresh baked scones, and a few heated rounds of cards. Life is good.




I play it several times a week with the wife and kids.


Do you think I have time for that? :frowning:

Kidding but seriously I have no patience! I will set the cards on fire.

I am searching for a cool tattoo :slight_smile:

World map with a compass

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