The person I used to be

I used to love art, at one point I was taking 3 art classes a day in school. it was my passion. here’s some paintings and a drawing I did, before I lost all my motivation to do it anymore

the last one is a drawing of Rob Zombie haha


oh, I guess it posted that one first.

well you still have those. that’s awesome good job. trust me schizophrenics can follow passions… but ill let you in on a secret… their a bit more passionate… more like work or religion.

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We all go through stages, interests come and go, for me there is stuff I will probably never like again, others come back in time when were ready. Almost seems like a circle.


I used to love to cook Mediterranean food like hummus and stuffed grape leaves…

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I used to love art as well. I have some drawings I made before my schizophrenia and, you know, we can still follow our passions. I made this little car in 3D Studio Max (after being schizophrenic) by following a tutorial I found in internet: