The person above me

This game is called The Person Above me. Ask any question you like to the person above you. Make sure you check the person asking the question to ask a question to… :v:️:joy:

Ask me anything!

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What is it like to have a normal relationship? :smile:

depends on how you define normal… :o)

comfy, fun, loving, caring… careless… he’s successful and a gentleman. what more can a girl ask for? except danger and thrills? easy going life… #comfortinlove

@Sarad if you had to choose between following passion or making money, which would you choose?

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That is easy one. Following passion…mostly because I suck with finances :slight_smile:

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What is your most embarassing story :open_mouth:

Is @serene your real name?

No ot is not

Is nomad yours?

Nope. Haha


Whats your favorite joke?

The 76ers…


Do you have like 5 hours cuz I have a novel. ?

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What’s your secret to stay young and beautiful?

What’s that ?
I try :heart:button

Formaldehyde and a lots of ■■■■ to not give.

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Do they not have Google in Slovakia?

You don’t need Google when you live in Slovakia.

You and your favorite people be together?(Understands me?sorry I am Chinese)

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No, sorry i dont understands you :smile:

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would you say i will get rich in the next two years and travel the world???

just take me ri ch man