The perks of living in the second world

So for the last few days I’ve been going to about ten interviews in educational sector. I don’t know what I was thinking I could achieve having no experience and freshly graduated - there are a dozens of unemployed teachers here and some of them are ten years older than me. Even if you got so lucky to be on the top of the list, you can be easily dumped by any candidate who happened to have a family member with a war veteran status.
Anyway, that has passed.
I still need a job to be able to live normally as I attend classes of my master’s program - even if I have a roof over my head I cannot beg my sister to hold my back for the rest of my life.
The bartender/waitress job I was offered is the best chance I have so far - but it’s not even close to standards in EU, not to mention the states. The salary is pure misery, unless you engage in other activities, like, say, swallow your pride and become a mistress of sort …you know what I’m talking about.
Speaking about my sister though, she is considering to apply for a work permit in Canada. Well known for its generosity to foreign workers, it is still very complicated to get all the papers. So she’ll take it easy.

Anyway, what was the point… I wanted to say, be grateful to live in the country that provides you the right to live from your work.
Long live the free market and capitalism.

Yeah, and ■■■■ the patriosm.


Sounds rough. Try not to get discouraged. Surely something will break loose for you. If not, you could immigrate, if that’s feasible.

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Don’t become a whore, it’s gross, it’s dangerous, and it spreads disease.

Yeah it is definitely not profitable in a longterm perspective.

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e(Y)e Am Unsure of What You Mean (by) “■■■■ patriotism” … ,

All e(Y)e Can Saye is Thus … ,

With tha Clinic’s Hitler Reign Over My Uncontrollable Fear of Needles and Paranoia That Caused a Seven Week Long Coma , Also Birthed From tha Clinic , It Onli Took 2 Months and Three Helpless Letters to America’s President , After tha Coma , and After tha Letters , e(Y)e had FINALLY a Choice … ,

You Sometimes Joke About Looking For a Rich Man … ,

e(Y)e Won’t Go Into Detail of What e(Y)e See Lurking Behind Future Profits With no Real Help for tha Helpless , e(Y)e Would Hate to See Someone e(Y)e Tend to Apprecieate Delving into those Doors of Giving Up on Individuality and So On … … … ,

In Short to Saye ,

Holding Tite to Meaningless Fantasies , As Some Wither and Recoil as those in Charge Could Give a ■■■■ Less ABout Those Who Deal With Each Daye As if it’s tha Last … … …

I’m sorry the interviews didn’t pan out. You will eventually find something that doesn’t require risky behavior. Does Croatia do a student loan program?

Yes, but not for postgraduate students. However, I can apply for a short term stipendy with a summary of my final project or thesis. An ordinary monthly payment here is about 500€….and that is about how much I can get. ( The whole masters program costs about 3.500€ -4.000 €) Postgraduate students here mostly finance themselves, in other words they are financed by their parents.

:rabbit: hug.
sorry it is so tough… :heart:
just a thought in the u.k there was a shortage of special needs teachers for children…
mrs. sith’s cousin worked there for two years…she loved it.
take care :alien:


Just keep plugging away and stay positive Sara. You are a very interesting and brilliant individual. Something is bound to pop for you.


Expensive hotel bars do pay awesome. Even lowly US Holiday Inn has GREAT employee atmosphere, pay, tips, hours and nice clientele in smaller cities. You get health insurance, vacation, $10 an hour plus the tips, close by midnight, meet neat people, security guarded…You can even get $300/3 hours for working wedding receptions, banquets, company parties plus tips sometimes. (Must buy a little clothing like tux for men but can get at thrift store, for female ask the boss.) Just do not drink to get drunk ever so you won’t develop alcohol problems.

Cousin paid his way into second Bachelor’s degree doing this after floundering around for 10 years with journalism degree. Save the extra cash since you don’t get paid set wages but cannot put it in bank, maybe use prepaid credit card for store to save extra $$$…Ask the waitresses how the boss handles taxes as no one admits how much they really make from tips…

Friendly chatties do really well. Ignore the weirdo’s comments as some cities have a lot of people who just don’t act right. Would make a signal for security if you get someone you don’t want to deal with.


If I make it until the May-June when the season starts I can easily find a honorary job - or I can always sell a seashells and little bottles with boats at the beach :smirk:

Seriously, thanks for your input.
@darksith I loveee working with children but unfortunately, it is required to have a degree in defectology or special education of children with disabilities. ( something like that)


have you thought about private tutoring…kids on a one to one basis.
you can earn good money…
work for yourself…
cash in hand…
it is still teaching…
take care :alien:

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Yes, if you are saved from blessings of the second world :smile:
These days I was looking just informatively about nanny jobs in Canada. They ask for a recommendations and commitment but they pay well. Here, the most you can get in private arangment is 150€ for a month. It is enough to pay the bills of two and have a pack of bubblegums.

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And here is also a funny thing about living here: you have no right to complain.
Of course, it is not forbidden, but here’s the thing: every time you start to cry over your situation, you can bet someone will show up telling you the dramatic story of his friend/ neighbour/random stranger who lives in a cottage without water and electricity and basically eats mushrooms and plants. :neutral_face:
“See, you’re doing just fine sister…” Lol :no_good:


You Are Naught to Blame .

Just another benefit of the societies in between two systems.
Actually, we could export the victim narrative but no one needs it…yet. :smirk:

Jk…or trying to.

How Bout thus One … ,

God Has a Plan ,


His Plan is to Play TUPAC’s Song Where He Flows (by) Telling tha Female Lissener to Keep Their Heads Up … ,

but As He Opened Up tha Speaker Within tha Skye ,


Naught Evn tha Girl he Was Talking Too … ,

Hmm ,

Yeah That’s My Joke … … …

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Or, God wanted to speak…but he forgot the words.

Whanna Hear Something Terrifyingly Sad (???) ,

God Remembers Everything … ,

All Be it Our Past to Present to Future … ,

Tha Guy Could Use a Break … ,

and well e(Y)e’m Sure You Get thee Idea … … …

(by) (tha) (way) ,

EMINEM tha SLIM SHADY LP is One of tha Graytists Recording’$ EVAH (!!!)

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